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IPO Allotment Status, Check IPO Allotment Date 2022

IPO Allotment Status –  Here are the simple steps for checking the IPO Allotment Status online or offline. According to the latest SEBI rules for large-cap IPOs, the IPO allotment process will take one week. According to SEBI rules, registrars such as Linkintime or KFintech must release the IPO allotment within 7 days of the IPO’s close.

One can check the IPO allotment status via the IPO registrar (Link Intime or KFintech). The following information is required to check the IPO allotment. If the shares are allotted, the investor will find the information under the search button on the registrar’s or the BSE’s website.

  1. PAN Card (IPO Allotment Status Check Online by PAN Number)
  2. IPO Application Number
  3. Demat Account Number / DP Client ID

The IPO registrar processes the IPO allotment on the basis of allotment. The IPO allotment status should be available after the registrar completes the allotment, and it will be displayed under the IPO Name that the investors selected. Investors receive information via email and SMS from the BSE, NSE, CDSL, and NSDL. Our IPO Allotment page also includes the IPO listing date.

Check IPO Allotment Status – Listing Dates 2022

Check the latest IPO Allotment Status  20222 of IPO. The subscription of these IPOs is closed and the allotment might around the corner. Stay tuned for the latest IPO allotment updates with Tech 99 and ipowatchs.in.
IPO Name
IPO Allotment
IPO Listing
IPO Allotment
Ruchi Soya FPO 31 Mar 06 Apr Linkintime Allotment Link
Uma Exports 04 Apr 07 Apr Mass Financial Allotment Link
Veranda Learning 05 Apr 07 Apr KFintech Allotment Link
Hariom Pipe 08 Apr 13 Apr KFintech Allotment Link
PE Analytics 30 Mar 04 Apr Bigshare Allotment Link
Krishna Defence 01 Apr 06 Apr Bigshare Allotment Link
Jeena Sikho 13 Apr 20 Apr Skyline Allotment Link
Dhyaani Tile 07 Apr 12 Apr KFintech Allotment Link
Sunrise Effective 08 Apr 13 Apr KFintech Allotment Link
Eighty Jewellers Apr Apr Bigshare Allotment Link
LIC IPO 2022 2022 KFintech Allotment Link
Pharmeasy 2022 2022 Linkintime Allotment Link
ESDS Software 2022 2022 Linkintime Allotment Link
GoAir 2022 2022 Linkintime Allotment Link
Mobikwik 2022 2022 Linkintime Allotment Link
Skanray Technologies 2022 2022 Linkintime Allotment Link


Top IPO Registrars in India 2022

We added top IPO registrars in India based on market conditions. Mainline IPOs are served by Link Intime and KFin Technologies, while SME IPOs are served by all of the listed registrars. They perform the calculations based on the IPO subscription data and publish the IPO allotment status on their website. On the Allotment date, investors go to the website to see if they have received their allotment of shares. Bigshare Services provided services to 300+ IPOs, with Link Intime coming in second, while KFin Technologies has provided services to 225+ IPOs to date, with the number growing by the day.

Link Intime India Pvt Ltd IPO Allotment Link
KFin Technologies Private Ltd IPO Allotment Link
Bigshare Services Pvt Ltd IPO Allotment Link
Cameo Corporate Services Ltd IPO Allotment Link
Skyline Financial Services Pvt Ltd IPO Allotment Link


Here are 4 Easy Steps to check the IPO Allotment Online or Offline.

1: How to check IPO Allotment Status on the Registrar website?

  • Navigate to the registrar’s website and click on the IPO allotment link (Link Intime or KFintech)
  • From the drop-down menu bar, Select IPO Name.
  • Choose an option from PAN Number, Application Number, or DP ID.
  • Add a PAN number, an application number, or a demat account number based on your selection.
  • Select the ‘Search’ option.
  • On the screen (mobile/desktop), you will be able to see your IPO Allotment.

2: How to check IPO Allotment Status on BSE?

  • Log on to BSE Website  & bseindia.com/investors/appli_check.aspx
  • Select box ‘Equity’ in the issue type
  • Select IPO Name in the Bse website
  • Please Type Your Application Number – PAN Number
  • Select on the ‘Search’ Button
  • You will be able to see your IPO Allotment Status on the screen

3: How to check IPO Allotment Status in Demant Account?

  • Login to Your Demat Account / Trading Account
  • Check the stock is credited to your account or not
  • If you got the allotment the credited shares will appear in the Demat account

4: How to check IPO Allotment Status in Bank Account?

  • Login to your Bank Account from which you applied the IPO
  • Check the Balance Tab
  • If you got the allotment the Amount will be debited
  • If you did not get the allotment the Amount will be released
  • If you got the allotment you got an SMS “Dear Customer, Bank Name Account 00000 is debited with INR 00000 on Date. Info: IPOName. The Available Balance is INR 000000.”

IPO Allotment Status FAQs:


How to Check IPO Allotment Status Online?

Just log on to BSE Website or IPO Registrar Website and Enter your PAN or Application Number or Demat Account Numbers to Check the IPO Allotment Status.

How to Check IPO Allotment Status Offline?

Please contact your Demat Account broker to find out you got the IPO Allotment or not.

How to Check IPO Allotment Status via Bank?

Log in to your Bank Account from where you applied for an IPO. If the amount is deducted you got the allotment and if the lien balance is released, better luck next time!

What are the other ways to check the IPO Allotment Status?

The IPO registrar sends the emails to the registered email IDs of investors about the IPO Allotment Status. Check your inbox for the same.



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