Share Buyback 2022 – Upcoming Buyback Offers NSE BSE

Share Buyback 2022 – A share buyback is a corporate action taken by a company to purchase its own publicly traded stock from its shareholders. With the finalisation of the buyback record date, the company provides a higher price than the current price of the shares. Shareholders who own those companies’ stock are eligible to participate in the buyback. The following is a list of upcoming and active share buybacks:

Share Buyback 2022

Company Price Meeting Date Record Date
TCS ₹4500 12 Jan 22 23 Feb 22
UPL ₹875 02 Mar 22 Open Market
Gulf Oil Lubricants ₹600 09 Feb 22 21 Feb 22
FDC Limited ₹475 09 Feb 22 19 Feb 22
KPR Mill ₹805 27 Jan 22 19 Feb 22
Mayur Uniquoters ₹650 08 Feb 22 23 Feb 22
Emami Limited ₹550 03 Feb 22 Open Market
Ajanta Pharma ₹2550 28 Dec 21 14 Jan 22


Why do Companies go for Buyback?

Tender offers and open market offers are the two types of share buyback offers that companies make. Until the window closes, investors can participate in the buyback offer. In most cases, the company provides a higher value for the share in the buyback. Let’s look at one of the share buyback examples: If ABC Limited makes a buyback offer, it will be at a price of Rs.1000, as opposed to the current price of Rs.600. Essentially, investors will receive a Rs.400 premium over the holding price. Investors who do not have the stocks in their Demat accounts can purchase them before the company’s record date.


The companies mainly go for the share buyback for the below reasons.
To participate in the buyback, a shareholder may be presented with a tender offer in which he or she must submit all or a portion of the shares within a specified time frame. Companies repurchase shares on the open market and over time at specific times or at regular intervals. The company can buy back shares with cash on hand or by incurring debt.
  • They want to reduce the number of shares in the open market.
  • The company feels that the share price is undervalued.
  • To improve the Company’s Shareholder values.
  • To Boost share price in the open market.
  • The company has Additional Cash in Hand.

Share Buyback 2021

Company Price Meeting Date Record Date
Cheviot Company ₹1725 04 Dec 21 17 Dec 21
Weizmann ₹60 10 Dec 21
MOIL Limited ₹205 10 Nov 21
AksharChem India ₹590 29 Oct 21 12 Nov 21
S H Kelkar ₹210 29 Oct 21 12 Nov 21
MPS Buyback 2021 ₹900 27 Oct 21 17 Dec 21
Nucleus Software ₹700 27 Nov 21 27 Nov 21



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